About Us

Borns from the passion for tourism and wine

Wine Wein Tours mission is creating long lasting life experience


Patricia Garabito Valdés, CEO

Founder and creator of Wine Wein Tours, with a large experience in tourism and wine tours. Wine & Spirits professional. Has a real passion for her job. The main goal is to provide a real enriching and unforgettable life experience in Chile


Javiera y Rodrigo Álvarez Garabito, Public Relations

Wine Wein Tours is a family company. Javiera and Rodrigo are Patricia´s daughter and son, they provide their knowledge in Public Relations and Investments.

Jelenia Osses Marchant, Tour Guide 

Tour Guide specialist in nature and natural patrimony. Founder of Melipal. With 24 years of experience in tourism and outdoor education.Wine Wein Tours has made a strategic alliance with Melipal to give talks, workshops and consultancies


Wine Tours in Chile. Enological tours in Chile. Guided wine tours in Chile. Innovation and creation of new destinations is one of its main goals. Making the stay of the guests a real enriching life experience by doing more than a simple tour, and giving an experience that teaches about the traditions, culture and wines of Chile.

In Wine Wein Tours, you will find:
· A unique experience
· Excelent service
· Surprises 
· Energy
· Peace and conection with nature
· Enological education, wine tours
· Chilean traditions
· Traveling and discovering
· Personalized service
· We listen our travelers
· Happyness
Chile, a country with a crazy geography, has a huge variety of terroirs and hidden corners to show to you.


On 2016, Wine Wein Tours discovered the Province of San Antonio and the amount of hidden treasures that you can find there. One of them is Mrs. Unelda, she is a Mapuche Weaver, she has learnt the tradition to weave from generation to generation.  We decide to work with her, to rescue old traditions of the first inhabitants of Chile. In any of our tours to the coast is possible to include a visit to her place and discover one of the off the beaten path places very close to Santiago.

If visiting members of your company have a free weekend in Santiago, Chile; we can organize short trips in and around the city for them. We can also offer visits to wineries one hour away from this city and we are ready to meet any suggestions you may make.

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We had designed   a “blind tasting tour”, through the senses you will learn about the wine; especially created for handicapped people and blind people. Wine tours in Santiago or wine tour in Casablanca valley.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more details.


Because a gift chosen with dedication connect us and makes the distances closer, with us you can offer something unique. Wine tasting class, trekking and wine tasting, a visit to Cajón del Maipo, customized excursion to off the beaten path destinations, or a visit to traditional places such as Valparaíso or a city tour discovering the history of Santiago, or rediscover Cartagena de Chile, or wine tours in Santiago,  are some of our options.

We know how much effort means to choose the ideal gift for your loved ones. (anniversary, birthday and any kind of celebration).

We made life easier for you with our service “Give a Life Experience”, with us you will be able to give away unforgettable tours or wine tasting in Central Part of Chile, from the regions of Aconcagua to Maule

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