San Antonio port and Cartagena de Chile


City tour at Cartagena resort-city, visit to a Mapuche weaver and wine tasting (6 hours tour) We invite you discover the hidden corners of Chile, to be delighted with awesome wines, visit a Mapuche weaver (native people of Chile), and find out the amazing architectonic patrimony of a resort city about to be reborn. We will depart from San Antonio port and the first stop will be at a “Ruca”, house of native people from Chile; the Mapuches. 

There you will be received by a “Mapuche weaver”. She lives in that place, and you will learn about the interesting process and how she works out fabrics in weaving loom for the local market. You will learn the whole process from the begining; she raises the sheep and finish weaving in loom finally the “poncho”. The second stop will be at Cartagena from Chile, a resort city founded at the end of 19th century as an elegant resort, shelter of the intellectual elite of those times. You will be delighted with the fantastic architectonic design, cliffs and views of this resort-city. Besides of the special way of being of locals. 

Cartagena is just located five minutes driving from San Antonio port, is a fascinating city where every day are arriving young professionals from Santiago and they are giving step by step a new future to this area. The third stop will be at a winery, the closest to the Pacific Ocean in Chile, which Sauvignon Blanc has been awarded a couple of times as the best of the whole world. 

Casa Marín vineyard has a great mineral terroir with calcareous soil which allows them to produce excellent wines. Here you will have the lunch and tour of the winery. Be brave and discover with us the Province of San Antonio, their people, architecture and wines.



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USD 248 por persona/ per person (2 people); USD 180 por persona/per person (3 people); USD 146 por persona/per person (4 people); USD 125 por persona/per person 5 people up