Walking city tour on Santiago de Chile


Tour in Santiago de Chile, discover the history of Santiago, its corners, legends and historical data. Visit its main atractions: Plaza de Armas (Main Square), Government Palace “La Moneda”, San Francisco Church. Santiago, city founded on February 12, 1541, by Pedro de Valdivia, offers a wide variety of activities. In four hours you will do a visit throught the most important places of this metropolis. 

The tour begins in a historical part of Santiago, the Santa Lucia Hill, a place inhabited by the native people of this area before the arrival of Spanish. Native people called this hill “Huelen” or “Welen”, which means “pain”. Here you will view an exhibition of native handicrafts produced by the three original ethnic groups that still survive in Chile: Mapuches, Aimaras and Rapa Nui, each keeping its own flag, language and customs. 

Later on, you will walk to San Francisco Church, the oldest building in Santiago and to the famous neighboorhood Paris and London, stock market building, government Palace, with a stop for a coffee in La Moneda Cultural Center, specially choosen because it is a local tradition. The tour will continue to the main square, Central Market. This is a real deal touring Santiago de Chile. Tour not available in the following dates: January 1st, May 1st, 18th and 19th September, December 25th. Departure 9:00 am. / 3:00 pm


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USD 31 per person/por persona